Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. L.L.C.
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Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. L.L.C.
Antibacterial & Antiviral Cardiovascular & Antidiabetics Analgesic & Antipyretics Gastrointestinal
CNS Dermatological Hormones & Steroids Respiratory Antigout Urological Inhalers
Product Images
Viscodril Expectorant Diphenhydramine HCl & combination Combination Bottle 100 ml
Bronkovent Syrup Bromhexine & Combination Combination Bottle 100 ml
Cetra Tablets Cetirizine  10 mg Blister 10's
Cetirizine & Phenylpropanolamine Tablets Cetirizine & Phenylpropanolamine  Combination Blister 10's
Deconase  Tablets Loratadine & Pseudoephedrine Sulphate  Combination Blister 7's
Guaifenesin & Phenylephrine Capsules Guaifenesin & Phenylephrine  Combination Bottle 100's
Guaifenesin & Pseudoephedrine Capsules Guaifenesin & Pseudoephedrine  Combination Bottle 100's
Guaifenesin & Dextromethorphan Tablets Guaifenesin & Dextromethorphan Combination Bottle 100's
Guaifenesin Syrup Guaifenesin 100 mg / 5 ml Bottle 120 ml
Guaifenesin & Dextromethorphan Syrup Guaifenesin & Dextromethorphan Combination Bottle 120 ml
Pmol Sinus Tablets Paracetamol &  Pseudoephedrine  Combination Blister 12's
Green colour indicates currently marketed products; Blue colour indicates proposed products in R & D and registration.
The pharmaceutical products will be offered as per USP, BP or Ph. Eur. specifications as applicable.
Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. L.L.C., respects all patent laws and conventions on pharmaceuticals as applicable in different countries of the world.
Products covered by patents are not offered to countries where the patent law is in force. However the final responsibility lies with the buyer.