Research & Development

Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. sees an incredible value in investing in R&D. Through our early investments in R&D, we encourage a culture where scientific peculiarity is entrenched in our people and their approach towards research.

Our research efforts are geared toward accelerating access to quality and innovative medicines by working on all facets of pharmaceutical development and technology

Our core strength lies in our ability to excel in developing generics through focused teams in formulation, process chemistry and analytical. Till date our R&D team has registered 550 products across the world. The team is working with our strategic partners to file Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) in the US and new product dossiers in GCC, Europe & ROW markets.

Our In-house R&D forms the backbone of our operations. Our strategy focuses on:

  • Development of molecules of various dosage forms by QbD (Quality by design) approach wherein the quality is in-built in the development stage itself.
  • Providing ‘incremental innovation’ for existing products by exploring for new indications and developing innovative and therapeutically beneficial formulations to extend the product life and the market segment.
  • Improving processes for existing formulations, technology transfer & site transfer products.
  • Tie-ups with independent research teams to develop new products.
  • Developing expertise and gathering experience in performing pharmacokinetic and bioequivalence studies for obtaining regulatory approvals for new products.