OTC Products

Zynova Consumer is a new SBU started with the objective to improve the well-being of consumers by providing innovative healthcare solutions. We strive relentlessly to stay in constant touch with the market through research and respond to their needs through appropriate products.
Zynova Consumer combines the best of Hygiene and Healthcare solutions to bring an array of the best products to enrich your life.
Presently we are developing and marketing following over-the-counter (OTC) products across GCC-

Brand Composition Therapeutic Segment
HygieneX Ethyl Alcohal 70% with emollient Hand Sanitizer
Nolice Lotion Pyrethrine 0.4%w/v Antilice Lotion
Panther Balm Black Seed Oil (1%) with Winter Gren Oil, Ment Oil and Camphor Oil Topical-Analgesic
Tooth Ache Drops Clove Oil Tooth Ache
Cold Inhaler Ment Oil (5%), Camphor Oil (5%), Eucalyptus Oil (5%) Cold & Allergy
Eucalptus Oil Eucalyptus (100%) Cold & Allergy

The information contained here shall not constitute an offer to sell or sale in the geographies where product is under patent protection.